Tuesday, May 19, 2015

About Academic Cakewalk

This blog is an attempt to foster scientific community and communication, primarily via the production and consumption of cakes.  In a number of labs and departments around the world, it is a bit of a tradition that when someone gets a paper published or passes a major career milestone (new job, fellowship, etc.), they bake a cake to celebrate.  The cake is presented to their colleagues, often with a bit of a short discussion about the paper or award.  We're hoping to spread this tradition, and to use it to encourage communication between labs.  Discussion of papers and/or cakes is heartily encouraged!

If you would like your lab or department's cakewalks to appear here, please feel free to email one of us and we will either post your cakewalks for you, or create and account so you can post your own.  Posts should include:

Photo of presenter with cake
Names of presenters
Title of paper and link to paper on original publisher's website
Anything else you want to add

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