Thursday, June 4, 2015

Meeuwig et al. 2015 "When science places threatened species at risk "

This cake is for Meeuwig et al. 2015, entitled "When science places threatened species at risk".  The cake is presented by Rob Harcourt.

Short description:

The new information derived from telemetry combined with other biological knowledge suggests that shark-human interactions are largely random and rare events as sharks move through their habitats. Kill orders such as the one in WA are short-sighted, misdirected, target a political rather than an actual need, and block investment in knowledge generation. There is a serious need to ensure that science done through the tagging and tracking of animals is not used to generate contrary and morally questionable outcomes, particularly for threatened species. Ultimately, we improve ocean safety through enhanced knowledge rather than undermining the very basis of that knowledge by killing tagged research animals. 

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